Food Menu


Please, note that all the dishes with * can be served without insects


Wild Spring Rolls (x3)*                                                                                4.00$                                                                                           

Traditional Cambodian deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with ants

Wild Spring Rolls


Insect Skewers (x3)                                                                                      9.00$

Spiders, Giant Waterbugs or Grasshoppers marinated and grilled with vegetables

Grasshopper Skewer   Giant Waterbugs Skewer


Silkworm & Taro Croquettes (x5)                                                                    4.00$

Served with green apple and wasabi sauce



Bug Mac (x2)*                                                                                                     8.00$

2 delicious burgers with insect steak, sweet potato fries, homemade bread and 2 different seasonings

Bug mac3


Savory Muffins (x2)*                                                                                          4.00$

Olive and parmesan cupcakes garnished with crickets and silkworms

Savory Cupcakes


Coconut, Sweet potatoes and Bee Cream*                                                     5.00$

A sweet creamy soup with bees eggs

Coconut, Sweet Potatoes and Bees Eggs Cream


Feta and Tarantula Samosas (x3)                                                                    7.00$

Grilled samosas filled with feta cheese, garlic, parsley, eggs, spinach and a marinated spider

Feta and Tarentula Samosas


Tarantula Donuts (x3)                                                                                       8.00$

Whole marinated tarantulas coated in tempura and deep fried. Served with sweet chili sauce, aioli and mango chutney

Spider donuts


Fresh Ants Salad*                                                                                             6.00$

Green Guava slices, parmesan cheese, salad and flying ants served with honey vinaigrette

Fresh Ants Salad


Scorpion and Green Papaya Salad*                                                                8.00$

Grilled marinated scorpions served with fresh green papaya, kaffir lime, tomato, Chinese long beans, peanuts and chili mix

Scorpion and Green Papaya Salad



Pan Fried Scorpions                                                                                          8.00$

Marinated scorpions panned with garlic, parsley, cashew nuts

Pan Fried Scorpions





Choose your insects and seasoning

Insects :

. Crickets, Silkworms                                                                                                              5.00$

. Mixed insects (crickets, silkworms, grasshoppers, tarantula, giant waterbug, scorpion)     8.00$


Seasoning :

. Hot (ginger, chili, garlic, onion, coriander)

. Coconut Curry (curry, ginger, fresh coconut, palm sugar)

. Green (lemongrass, green lime juice, hot basil, Kampot green pepper)

. Mediterranean (olive oil, garlic, European basil, parsley, parmesan cheese, cashew nuts)

Crickets and Silkworms Wok with Coconut and Curry   Mixed Insects Green Wok





Cajun Coconut Snake                                                                                              9.00$

Snake meat with a creamy coconut sauce & cajun spices. Served with rice


Snake Soup                                                                                                               9.00$

Our interpretation of the famous Hong Kong snake soup. Snake strips served in a tasty noodle soup.


Amok Crocodile Kebob                                                                                            9.00$

Crocodile meat marinated in Amok sauce and panned. Served on 3 skewers with sweet potatoe fries and Amok sauce.


Crocodile a la francaise                                                                                            9.00$

Crocodile meat marinated in white wine & honey. Served with creamy sauce and rice.







Large (3/4 pers.) :                                                                                                             27.00$

3 Wild Spring Rolls

2 Insect Skewers

2 Mediterranean Feuilletés with Ants

2 Cupcakes

1 Tarantula Donuts and 1 Feta and Tarantula Samosas

1 Scorpion Fresh Salad

1 crickets and silkworms Wok


Small  (1/2 pers.):                                                                                                                15.00$

2 Wild Spring Rolls

1 Insect Skewer

1 Mediterranean Feuilletés with Ants

1 Tarantula Donut or 1 Feta and Tarantula Samosa

1 Crickets and Silk Worms Wok

Small platter






Chocolate Fondue*                                                                                          8.00$

Various Caramelized insects and fresh fruit pieces to be dipped in delicious melted chocolate



Silk Worms and Mango Flambé*                                                                    7.00$

Silk worms and mango flambé with rum and served with vanilla ice-cream


Crickets Cheese Cake with Passion Fruit Coulis*                                        6.00$

Cricket cheesecake


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad with Caramelized Crickets*                              5.00$